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When moving as a family to the Phoenix metro area there are lots of things that need to line up in order to get your perfect move. Of all of these, finding a home with strong education nearby may be one of the toughest. At Southwest Mountain Realty we’re dedicated to helping our clients find and coordinate the perfect move, and as part of our Phoenix area information series we though providing some important tools might be in order.

Interruptions in education and schooling can be very taxing for kids and teens of all ages, and finding your perfect match can really help to facilitate a healthy, productive move. Please feel free to use the following to help you out, and be sure to speak with our knowledgeable agents to learn more about school districts in our area!

School Matching & Comparison Tools in Phoenix

Each of these tools is quick and easy to use, and all four provide different types of information for a more comprehensive idea of what to expect in our metro school district areas:

  • GreatSchools. GreatSchools is a nonprofit organization that researches and compiles various details of schools nationwide. The easy online tools, with added personal support, can help you find out more about school performance levels, performance data, class sizes, and more for all grades and for public, private, and charter schools.
  • National Center for Education Statistics. Offers a comprehensive search tool detailing analysis, locations, and performance ratings of public and private schools nationwide. Data is extensive, tested, and confirmed on a routine basis. Their global locator is especially beneficial and easy to use.
  • The Education Trust. The Education Trust provides complete statistics, data, school zoning information, and general education information. The site also offers interactive learning tools for those looking for additional educational services.
  • The City of Phoenix. Our state and local governments also support helping you find the correct district for your home, and provides extensive data as well as district maps and attendance boundaries. These tools extend to the entirety of the Phoenix Metro area.

Find Your Ideal Home with Southwest Mountain Realty

Schools in Phoenix carry a strong tradition of excellence and a great track record for testing and performance. To the agents at Southwest Mountain Realty, nothing is more vital than finding your ideal home, not just a place to reside, but a place to stay! That’s why we put considerable emphasis on matching families with the right districts ad help prospective homeowners seek out areas where public and private schooling is flourishing and abundant.

For more information please contact Southwest Mountain Realty online today, or if you’re looking for more Phoenix area information and tools, feel free to peruse our many informational guides!

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