Phoenix Neighborhoods

When choosing to make a move to Phoenix, Arizona, there is an absolute abundance of excellent neighborhoods to choose from. So many so, that our agents might say picking just one is the true challenge! The area boasts a hugely diverse and affordable array of homes and locations, all of which any homeowner would be proud to call home.

But you didn’t come to Southwest Mountain Realty looking for opinions—you can to our experts for answers. And we fully intend to provide them. In truth, the decision lies entirely in your personal wants and needs. Let this guide assist you in locating the neighborhood that suits your interests best.

Prime Neighborhoods in Phoenix

These locations were chosen to display the widest diversity in cost, appeal, and tastes as possible. Though there are additional neighborhoods available, should you decide that none suit your personal criteria.


Median Home Values: $265,700

Approximate population: 250,000

Historical and diverse, the suburb of Chandler makes an excellently appealing location for almost any homeowner. The community began with agriculture, utilizing beautifully sprawling landscapes, has become a thriving community built upon progression and culture. With a historic downtown, and award winning center for the Arts, Chandler is a top pick amongst homeowners.


Median Home Values: $163,000

Approximate population: 25,000

Sixty miles south of Phoenix, Florence remains a small, relaxing, and yet bustling community steeped in rich Arizona history. Outdoor recreation and resident amenities can be found in abundance in this only slightly sleepy town, making it a perfect location for families and retirees.


Median Home Values: $280,000

Approximate population: 200,000+

What was a dusty little hamlet just three decades ago has rapidly transformed into one of the fastest growing communities in Arizona. Gilbert boomed into a gorgeous, thriving community. Homes are available that are palatable to virtually any homeowner, from small and accommodating spaces to sprawling waterfront homes. Gilbert is a highly desirable location, currently ranked one of the best places to live States wide.


Median Home Values: $150,000

Approximate population: 50,000

Budget-agreeable but beautiful, Maricopa makes for an excellent moving location to new families, singles, and new homeowners looking to move into the Phoenix area. Maricopa carries a small-town appeal, without sacrificing the amenities and benefits of larger metro locations. Transportation both city and travel-wise are easily available, making Maricopa an excellent option for commuters.


Median Home Values: $200,000+

Approximate population: 450,000

Just a scant 20 miles outside of Phoenix, Mesa makes for the ultimate suburb experience. Employment opportunities are huge in the third largest city in Arizona, making Mesa a comfortable move for those looking to break into metropolitan living comfortably. Homes are extremely diverse, with something to suit anyone’s tastes.

Queen Creek

Median Home Values: $215,000

Approximate population: 32,000+

Rife with festivals, recreational events, and athletic activities, Queen Creek is the embodiment of family living and rural culture in Arizona. A low median home cost coupled with excellent amenities and quality of living makes Queen Creek a top pick amongst our clients


Median Home Values: $246,000

Approximate population: 175,000

Busy but charming, Tempe boasts excellent employment opportunities and a highly diverse community. Homeowners can anticipate a wide variety of homes, available in sizes and styles to accommodate anything from large families to single-life. A very healthy and lauded education system, and the well-regarded Arizona State University make Tempe an excellent choice for students, as well.

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Real Estate Services in Queen Creek, Arizona

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