Types of Properties We Manage

Unparalleled Property Management Services in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek & San Tan Valley

For over two decades, the seasoned team of property management specialists at Southwest Mountain Realty, LLC have been strengthening the critical link between property owners and tenants. Through our top-class, comprehensive management services in Queen Creek, AZ, investment business owners have seen higher rates of tenant retention, higher quality tenants, and have held much more amicable relations with renters.

Our primary goal is to always find the best tenants, and to serve those tenants to the best of our ability with responsive and effective property management services. This way property owners can focus on the true goal of property investment business: growth and enjoying the ownership of an extremely successful venture!

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Properties We Manage

Southwest Mountain Realty provides comprehensive property management services for numerous property types:

Residential Homes & Houses

Owning residential homes for renting is a lucrative and rewarding business option. But to see the most success, the homes must be perfectly maintained, and, working hand-in hand with that goal, the perfect tenants must be sought. Our tenant screening process ensures you will get only the best for your rental properties, letting you relax and enjoy the benefits of owning successful residential homes.


Apartment properties come intrinsically with the issue of sheer numbers. With a moderate to large number of tenants, you need the assurance that your business will run smoothly at all times; lest you find yourself drowning in stress and sliding backward rather than moving forward with your business. To aid you in maintaining your business and finding the greatest amount of overall success, the property management services offered by the team at Southwest Mountain Realty are invaluable.


A property management service for your condo or condos can be the perfect solution to finding more time in your day. The needs of attached and detached condos are many, and to keep up with maintenance, tenant interaction, and emergencies, you need to have the right set of services lined up. Southwest Mountain Realty has you covered, offering the best in landlord and tenant services to meet your every management need.

Multi-Family Housing

Multi-family properties such as duplexes require a careful balance to remain successful. Tenant screening and choice is crucial to success, as they generally must mesh somewhat well with their neighbors. To meet this need for tenant synergy, and to provide the maintenance and service needed to maintain the properties themselves, a property management service can do wonders for your business.


Townhomes generally require a considerable amount of a property owner’s time and resources to remain successful. The potential for a return on investment is substantial if this can be done, but to ensure you can keep up without being weighed down by stress and frustration, a property management team is very highly recommended. Let the professionals at Southwest Mountain Realty help you create and maintain the townhome atmosphere you want; we can guarantee perfect tenants and we boast exceptionally high retention rates!

Vacation Homes

Our vacation home management services extend to every area of your business, meeting all of your general upkeep and renter interaction needs. From collecting rental fees, to general upkeep and maintenance, our team can take care of your rental properties and take the heat off of rental owners. With our team at the helm of assisting you in managing your properties, you can focus on what’s really important: growing your business and reaching your peak potential as a business owner!

Property Management Services in Queen Creek & San Tan Valley

If you’re a property owner in the Phoenix, Mesa, or Queen Creek area, our experts are here to help! By working with the property management professionals at Southwest Mountain Realty, you can get all of the services and assistance you ever wanted, letting you sit back, relax, and enjoy the business you’ve built.

Please contact us online or call us as 480-237-9979 for a free information packet. We look forward to hearing from you!

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