Risk Management Services

Few enterprises involve as much liability exposure and potential lawsuits as property management, whether the properties in question be residential or commercial. That makes working with a skilled and highly knowledgeable management team vital, as it is very much a part of a specialist’s job to ensure risks are identified, mitigated, and resolved as effectively as possible.

At Southwest Mountain Realty our property management specialists take risks and potential liability very seriously. As your management team we’re dedicated to helping manage and remove risks, both for the good of your business, and for tenants. With over 20 years of experience in handling the needs of our clients we carry the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to ensure your needs are handled.

Seeking a property management team in the Phoenix area that can help you manage and minimize risks to your properties and business? Contact the specialists at Southwest Mountain Realty to learn more!

Know Your Risks

Effective management of risk and liability begins with a thorough assessment of risks on your property. A careful step-by-step assessment of every potential area of liability may be a difficult and lengthy process, but it’s absolutely necessary to ensure the long-term well-being of your residents and property.

Of course, you don’t anticipate people slipping in the winter, you’re still liable for it when it happens if a judge believes you should have anticipated it. For this reason, working on your assessment with the assistance of an experienced risk management team is recommended even for an experienced manager or owner.

Eliminate Risks

Many risks found on initial assessment of your property can be eliminated outright, while others can be resolved immediately as they arise. You must weigh the cost of removing the risk in terms of labor and the cost of removing the risk if it offers value to your property against your exposure to determine the wisest course of action.

For example, allowing pets on your property adds liability and value. You can eliminate the exposure by banning pets, but this may not be preferable to controlling the risk.

Control Risks

Those risks you cannot or will not eliminate can nonetheless be controlled. For example, you cannot prevent criminals from attempting break-ins of your property, but you can deter them and minimize their chances of success by maintaining security features on your property. Installing new locks, ensuring proper security features on windows and other entry points, hiring a security guard, and putting up cameras all reduce your liability.

As with elimination of risks, a property manager must be prepared to balance many different factors around each area of exposure when controlling risk. Many risk-controlling expenditures offer returns in other areas, too, as improved safety can be very marketable.

Transfer Risks

It’s impossible for a property to become 100% safe against any and all accidents or mistakes. However, utilizing third-party property management similarly moves responsibility, though in a different way; every other aspect of risk management becomes the responsibility of the third party.

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