Prospective Tenant Screening

Well-tended properties are key to ensuring your business remains a successful one. But equally important is the quality of tenants you attract and retain. A good tenant is one that respects your property, one that is honest, and one that possesses a history of good credit and business history. At Southwest Mountain Realty, our property management experts can help ensure your properties get the tenants they (and you!) deserve.

Our team is seasoned and experienced in ensuring your property is well tended, and our tenant screening process will guarantee greater success for your business. We’ve been providing superior realty and property services to Arizona for over twenty years, and Southwest Mountain Realty always has your needs and best interests at heart.

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Why Is Tenant Screening Important?

The right (or wrong) set of tenants can literally make or break your business. Proper management, quality properties, and solid business practices all play a vital role, to be sure. But at its base, your business depends on reliable income and risk assessment/management. A good tenant will:

  • Respect your property. Cleanliness and respect of your space is critical. A tenant that destroys your properties presents a very serious risk, increasing maintenance and upkeep costs drastically, as well as increasing your overall stress. Additionally, a tenant that shows disrespect to your property is generally more likely going to show the same to other tenants and landlords.
  • Possess a good credit history. In a perfect world, credit might have been a thing that never existed. But the fact is that when it comes to business, a credit score gives you a solid gauge for how dependable tenants may be. Late payments and a history of eviction are red flags and ones that should never be tolerated.
  • Has access to adequate income. Bottom line, you need your tenants to be able to reliably pay rent and utilities. Tenants that fail to do this create excessive costs, and can drag your efforts through the mud.

Our Tenant Screening Process

Screening handled by the property management specialists at Southwest Mountain Realty includes comprehensive background checks and rental and employment verification. Potential renters that possess a history of aggressive crime or those who have been evicted in the past are not approved for tenant status.

The quality of your tenants is one of the single most important aspects of your business. Without it, after all, your property simply sits! Our process guarantees better renters and provide various valuable benefits:

  • Screening minimizes loss. Eviction, property repair, and value-loss all come as a result of unrentable tenants. Proper screening increases (and nearly guarantees) the likelihood of procuring high quality renters that will allow your business to grow, rather than dragging it down.
  • Screening improves retention. It is a fact that good renters tend to stay in the same place for a long time. Retention is the end goal of any property owner, as it guarantees profit and improves the overall process for everyone involved. When you find good renters, you usually keep them!
  • Screening reduces the risk of fraud. Unfortunately, not everyone is always honest. In the case of potential renters, this can land you in quite a bit of trouble, and you may wind up with disreputable and destructive tenants that do much more harm than good for your business.

Property Management Professionals in Queen Creek, AZ

Located in Queen Creek? How about Mesa? Or maybe you’re located in San Tran Valley? No problem! No matter your location in the Phoenix metro area, Southwest Mountain Realty is the property management company you can depend on. Whether you need residential, multi-family, or commercial property management, we’re the company your Arizona neighbors have trusted for more than 20 years.

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