Property Management Maintenance Services

The professionals at Southwest Mountain Realty take a very straightforward approach to providing property maintenance services. In a word, our service is comprehensive. Our management team utilizes our experience and superior training to ensure all of the maintenance, upkeep, and repair needs of your properties are met quickly and efficiently—that way you can keep your focus on more important matters.

Our property management professionals have been proudly and flawlessly serving property owners for over two decades, and we have a very strong history in management services. We want nothing more and nothing less than the ideal outcome for you and your tenants, and to provide that, we ensure that all of your maintenance needs are routinely met, and without delay.

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Our Property Maintenance Services in Queen Creek, AZ

When we handle your property needs, you’ll be kept in the loop at all times, so there will never be any unaccounted for surprises come the end of the month. All contractor fees are screened carefully and agreed upon in advance, letting us take proper care of your business while you handle the aspects that are more important to ensuring your properties and business thrive.

Our property maintenance services include:

  • Landscape services. From routine landscape care to post-storm cleanup and property improvements, our experts can coordinate the best contractors in the business to meet your needs.
  • Structural services. As a property owner, you know that little is as vital to your business as the health and safety of your properties. Our team knows that as well, and we will ensure all structural needs and repairs are met in a timely manner.
  • HVAC system care. The comfort of your tenants is critical to success, so we place a top priority on ensuring all HVAC systems remain optimal and within code.
  • 24-hour emergency response services. Our property maintenance team is available any hour, any day to facilitate and coordinate emergency property repair services.
  • Electrical services. Electrical services like repair and installations are very important, and we keep proven, certified electricians close at hand to meet your property needs.
  • General care and maintenance. Routine care is the key to minimizing risk, maximizing profit, and facilitating better relations with tenants. We place a high level of importance on ensuring your business and properties run smoothly at all times.
  • Property evaluations. Consistent evaluations will be performed, including comprehensive written reports for all properties involved, photographs, and a word of mouth consultation.
  • Routine property inspection. All pertinent building inspections will be coordinated by our professionals, keeping your business well within the good graces of the Department of Building Inspection and others.
  • And more. If you need specific services for your property and business, our experts are here to help!

When contracted work is needed for your properties, residential or commercial, our network of repair and maintenance professionals can meet your needs. With the assets available to the maintenance team at Southwest Mountain Realty at Queen Creek, we can help you save on fees and labor, directly impacting your bottom line for the decidedly positive.

Property Management Professionals in Queen Creek & San Tan Valley, AZ

Located in Queen Creek? How about Mesa? Or maybe you’re located in San Tran Valley? No problem! No matter your location in the Phoenix metro area, Southwest Mountain Realty is the property management company you can depend on. Whether you need residential, multi-family, or commercial property management, we’re the company your Arizona neighbors have trusted for more than 20 years.

Please contact us online or call us as 480-237-9979 for a free information packet. We look forward to hearing from you!

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