Lease Administration Services

In order to maintain a healthy and functioning business, your lease administration team must be able to perform an active and accurate role in assisting you. This is done by directly working with tenants in order to improve retention of quality tenants, and to ensure all aspects of your agreed lease are executed properly in accordance with your business’ needs.

At Southwest Mountain Realty, we are your perfect partner when it comes to lease administration. Our seasoned, expertly-trained property management teams can assist you with all of the critical functions of administration, including:

  • New lease composition
  • The monitoring of rental payments
  • Coordination on any lease amendments and renewals
  • Tenant compliance regarding lease stipulations
  • New tenant screening
  • Accounting and processing, including document storage
  • And much more

Property ownership is one of the most rewarding investment opportunities out there, but it can come with its fair share of risks. That’s why our professionals are entirely dedicated to helping you get the most out of your efforts, providing an invaluable resource with our administration and monitoring services.

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The Critical Importance of Tenant Screening Services

The tenants you choose will have a direct and meaningful impact on your business, for better or for worse. Our screening process helps you to gain and retain perfect tenants that will respect your business and property. Our team can help you not only find the perfect tenants for your properties, but can help you retain them—helping to increase profitability, lower risk, and overall improve your business both for your benefit and for the benefit of your tenants.

The Benefits of Our Lease Administration Services

Your properties demand only the best if you wish for your business to not only maintain, but to grow as well. That’s why administration provided by dedicated partners like the team at Southwest Mountain Realty is so important!

By choosing our team, you can benefit by:

  • Retaining perfect tenants. As we’ve mentioned, perfect tenants are what make your business tick in all of the right ways. With services like ours, your tenant relationships will engender positivity and healthy professional relationships that can help you retain your best tenants.
  • Improving the overall function of your business. When everything runs smoothly, you get far less stress and considerably more done. With our team by your side, you can focus on the aspects of your business that are critical to you, whether that be growing even further or simply having the freedom to enjoy what you have built.
  • Keeping perfectly accurate records. Accurate records are not only a matter of legality, they play a vital role in maintaining assets and mitigating costs/loss. Our documentation and record keeping is flawless, helping you to remain on top of your business in all the ways that matter.
  • Dedicated professionals. A professional, expertly-trained and experienced team at your side, helping you along the way to meet all of you and your business’ needs. Sound good? We think so, too.

Lease Administration Services in Queen Creek, Arizona

Our experts have been proudly serving the Phoenix metro area for years now. If you’re looking for a dedicated team of professionals that have you and your business’ best interests at heart, look no further. Contact our property management team online today to learn more!

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