Phoenix Area Weather

The Phoenix area is famous for lots of things, but of all of them the weather is likely chief among them. They don’t call it the Valley of the Sun for nothing! Bright, sunny days are a huge benefit to homeowners in our area, and you’ll get plenty of that when you make your move.

Understanding local climate and weather patterns can help you be prepared as a homeowner, and staying informed is vital not only a successful move, but just living comfortably. The realty specialists at Southwest Mountain Realty have compiled a list of helpful tools and statistics in order to achieve this, and to help you plan ahead for the coming days!

Phoenix Area Climate

Our high temperatures and low humidity are characteristic of a desert climate, meaning you’ll see lots of very high temperature days and all  the sunshine you’ll ever want to soak up.

Winter seasons are still on the warmer side, but fairly comfortable. You’ll find use for heating systems, but nothing intense or heavy duty, since snow is almost a myth in Maricopa and Pinal counties.

Average Highest Temperatures in Phoenix: 104 degrees F

Average Lowest Temperatures in Phoenix: 37 degrees F

Phoenix Area Rainfall

If rain gets you gloomy, we’ve got good news. Average yearly rainfall for our area is nine inches or less, a full thirty less than the national average! Rain is a rarity, falling maybe thirty days or less each year, and some years we might only see five or six.

Weather Tools for Homeowners & Prospective Homeowners

Weather 10-Day Forecast

A direct link to The Weather Channel’s 10 day outlook to help you plan ahead for your move. Be sure to keep an eye out for the rare rainy day, or pick a day when the weather is on the milder side to smooth your move and make unpacking easy and comfortable!

Weather Channel Radar Maps

Check the radar for routinely updated current weather trends and maps to keep up with what’s going on around our metro zones and homes.

Pollen Trends & Forecast Outlook

Phoenix metro can be a great place for allergy sufferers. We deal with fairly mild allergies season wide, and counts tend to stay fairly low. But keeping up with this can help you stay well informed, letting you know when the outdoors will be fun, and when it will be funky.

Find the Right Climate with Southwest Mountain Realty

Our agents are dedicated to matching homeowners with the ideal home. Whether you want sunshine or warm winter seasons, you’ll find the right climate here in Phoenix!

Reach out to our specialists today if you plan on starting your move soon, or to learn more about the Phoenix area please feel free to check out our area guides!

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